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Jeremiah Smith & Co.

Jeremiah Smith & Co. has been helping homeowners with their roofs since 1947.

They'll provide a complete inspection of your roof. By removing sections of your old roof you can examine the condition of the old roofing system. You never know what is underneath the old roof covering. There could be insect damage, weather damage, or rotted wood that needs to be replaced. Putting a new roof on top of an unsound old roof is not recommended. Replacing damaged wood and sub-roofing will ensure a long life for your new roof.

The proper installation of a new roof is essential for best long term results. The finished product should be clean and secure, with all roof shingles lining up from top to bottom, and left to right.

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Has there been some storms in your town? Do you think you have some storm damage to your property? You can find out if you do or not. Talk with a local Nashville service which you can locate through a site like this who will take a look at your home and let you know.
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